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PDA & Wireless devices

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PSL are a leading name in Industrial Engineering and Productivity improvement delivering a range of services which can be easily mixed and matched to provide an ideal solution.

Peter Woodward and John Wilde directors of PSL approached us to develop a system that would allow them to undertake time studies using a PDA and download the results to an Excel Spreadsheet. Traditionally these studies were undertaken using a stop watch and a piece of paper and later keyed onto a system for analysis

Using a PDA and a PC Based application we were able to develop a system called Smart Time which has saved them hours of man time analyzing the data following a study. Now the data is downloaded and the results presented into a preset Excel template for immediate results.

The product has become so successful it is now used by a multitude of companies world wide.

Another wireless device development we produced is our own Picking/Disribtion Package (more details available in Our Services Section). This uses Symbol PDA based Technolgies where pickers are instructed to scan and pick items as they travel around the warehouse. Upon completion the system generates all shipping and delivery paperwork.

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