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Picking and Distribution

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Using Visual Studio 2005, Symbol and Wireless technologies, we have developed a package that makes light work of picking and distribution.

Using hand held wireless guns, the system integrates with your existing systems. It is easy to use and intuitive which is an added benefit as pickers in todays climate are usually temporary staff who you need to be up and running as quickly as possible.

Each picker has a Scan Gun loaded with our software, Our software produces a printed scan document which the picker scans, Using a gateway PC running our software the gun is uploaded with the items required to be picked and the optimum route to pick those items.

The picker is presented with the first item to pick and its location, the picker scans the item and the next item appears, if an incorrect barcode is scanned or the item is not available an override barcode can be scanned to resume.

The picker will continue repeating this process until all items have been picked, the gun will download the results to the gateway pc which will produce the appropriate shipping paperwork and update the business systems to notify that the order has been picked.

This increases performance, reduces the amount of time required to update systems and produces accurate order picks, time after time.

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