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IT Project Management

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Over the years we have had to pick up the pieces left behind by some of the biggest IT project disasters, the main reason is lack of good project management. We have seen IT projects criple a thriving business due to poor systems management and lack of understanding.

By appointing a dedicated project manager with a good understanding of your business and practises your IT project is given the attention and focus it really requires.

In recent projects we were able to assist not only with the implementation of the project but also evaluating the best supplier and product for the business needs. We have undertaken projects within the Manufacturing, Distribution, Finance and Service sectors.

Further more our project managers are backed up by experienced technical staff constantly giving advise and assistance in specific areas, we are also able to develop software that allows us to tailor solutions to exactly replicate your business activities. On too many occassions software vendors are able to bypass short comings in there own abilities by hiding behind technicalities - Not any more


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